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Graduate Certificate in Power Electronics

In this certificate program, students receive professional preparation in the areas of power electronic converters, industrial electronics, switching power supplies, electric/electronic motor drives, and electric power quality. This certificate program would be useful managers, engineers, and students who are seeking in power electronics related industry. A minimum credit hours including no more than four credit any one elective area must be taken. A maximum 400-level courses may be taken.

Required courses

Choose at least two from the following courses

ECE 550 Power Electronic Dynamics and Control
ECE 551 Advanced Power Electronics
ECE 552 Adjustable Speed Drives
ECE 411 Power Electronics OR
ECE 412 Electric Motor Drives

Elective areas

Power area

ECE 561 Deregulated Power Systems
ECE 563 Computational Intelligence in Engineering
ECE 564 Control and Operation of Electric Power Systems

Electronics area

ECE 437 Digital Signal Processing I
ECE 575 Electron Devices

Control area

ECE 438 Control Systems
ECE 531 Linear System Theory
ECE 535 Discrete Time Systems

Special topics area

Accelerated course(s) in power electronics

Gainful Employment Disclosure