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Ralph Muehleisen, Ph.D., P.E.

Ralph Muehleisen
Part-time Faculty


3201 South Dearborn Street, AM 212







Radiative transfer in room acoustics, acoustic properties of porous media, temperature growth in thermoacoustic heat engines, thermoacoustic-Stirling heat engines and refrigerators, photoacoustic gas analysis, fractal methods for room acoustics.


Descriptions of Current Projects

1. Development of the radiative transfer (radiosity) method for the prediction of acoustic fields in building enclosures.

2. Development of measurement methods and empirical formula for the acoustic properties (complex propagating wave number and complex characteristic acoustic impedance) of low flow resistivity porous materials such as reticulated vitreous carbon (RVC).

3. Experimental investigations of the temperature growth in stack plates of a thermoacoustic heat engine.

4. Development of Thermoacoustic-Stirling heat engines and refrigerators.

5. Investigation of the application of maximum length sequence (MLS) methods to photoacoustic gas analysis.

6. Investigation of the use of fractals for characterization and extrapolation of acoustic impulse responses of rooms.


National Science Foundation
Office of Naval Research

Current Projects

  1. Radiative transfer in room acoustics
  2. Acoustic properties of porous media
  3. Temperature growth in thermoacoustic heat engines
  4. Thermoacoustic-Stirling heat engines and refrigerators
  5. Photoacoustic gas analysis
  6. Fractal methods for room acoustics