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Mihail Popescu, Ph.D., P.E.,D.GE

Mihail Popescu Ph.D., P.E.,D.GE
Part-time Faculty


AM 228A





Geotechnical Engineering Research

Conducted funded and non-funded research on a variety of geotechnical topics. The research included analytical and experimental studies. Main research interests: slope instability and stabilization, expansive and collapsible soils, soil structure interaction, computer modeling, and geotechnical hazards compilation and assessment. Leader of UNESCO and NATO international research groups and programs.

Select recent research experience includes the following:

  • Regional scale assessment of geo-hazards with special reference to landslides, expansive clays, and collapsible soils.
  • Soil reinforcement by stabilizing piles to control landslides: limit equilibrium and finite element modeling.
  • Probabilistic risk assessment and back analysis of mass movements.
  • Investigation of slope instability in over-consolidated clays along the Black Sea shore.
  • Interpretation of loading tests on piles and plate anchors.
  • Stability of deep excavations in open-pit lignite mining.
  • Physical-mechanical properties of phosphogypsum in waste dumps.

Professional Society Memberships 

Served as Chairman of the Working Group on Landslide Causes of the Geotechnical Societies’ UNESCO Working Party on World Landslide Inventory (1990-2000) and Co-Chairman of the Commission on Landslide Remediation of the International Union of Geological Sciences Working Group on Landslides (1994-2000).

Core Member:

  • ASCE Committee on Risk and Vulnerability
  • ISSMGE-IAEG-ISRM Joint Technical Committee on Landslide
  • ISSMGE Technical Committee 40 on Forensic Geotechnical Engineering


    • American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)GEO Institute
    • International Society of Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering (ISSMGE)
    • International Association of Engineering Geology and Environment (IAEG)
    • International Society of Rock Mechanics (ISRM)
    • Association of Engineering Firms Practicing in the Geosciences (ASFE)
    • Institution of Highways and Transportation, London, U.K.
    • Comité Français de la Mécanique des Sols et des Travaux de Fondation
    • Associazione Geotecnica Italiana 


    More than 100 research papers in English, French, Italian and Romanian published in refereed journals and conference proceedings. Topics covered: engineering behavior of soils with metastable structure, including expansive clay, loess and stiff fissured clay, finite element analysis of high embankments and deep excavations, landslide remedial works, design of flexible retaining structures and reinforced earth structures, axial bearing capacity of piles, probabilistic analysis of geotechnical engineering problems, and geotechnical risk analysis using information technology.